Imagine Me and You: It’s All About the Flowers

It’s hardly imaginable. Finding the right wedding florist is of the same level as finding the perfect gown. It’s time to strike this task off your to-do list. Have you ever thought of getting ideas from weddings in movies?

Imagine Me and You - Matthew, Rachel, and Luce
She marries his best friend and falls in love with their wedding florist

Walk Down the Aisle With a Lovely Bouquet

Imagine Me and You (Year) opens up with a big day. Rachel (Piper Perabo) marries her best friend, Heck (Matthew Goode). They were mates and then lovers. She’s convinced she will spend the rest of her life with him until she meets Luce (Lena Headey), the florist. They have never met prior to the wedding because her mother organized everything–don’t commit this mistake, ladies. Be involved in every aspect of wedding planning.

Church Wedding

Walking down the aisle, Rachel decides to look at where Luce is standing, and it is love at first sight although she doesn’t know it yet. They get to talk during the reception and you gotta admit those wedding lanterns make it seem like a fairy tale.

Heck will wish Rachel's mum hired an old, grumpy wedding florist
Heck will wish Rachel’s mum hired an old, grumpy wedding florist

This movie is somewhat a typical love story, where two people love each other but they can’t be together because of something or someone and they end up together anyway before the credits roll up. Nonetheless, it offers an idea or two to every bride-to-be.

Make It a Day to Remember

From the bridal bouquet to the floral decoration in the church and reception, Heck and Rachel’s wedding is definitely a great inspiration for everyone planning to tie the knot soon.

Wedding Bouquet
Use your favorite flowers for your bouquet
Wedding Lanterns
I’m in love with those wedding lanterns

Now, close your eyes and imagine your wedding day. Find a pretty reliable wedding florist, ideally one who’s been in the business for years, and don’t be afraid to tell her about the bouquets and floral decorations you want for your special day.


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