About Time: Red Wedding Dress and Bad Weather

Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams) decides to have a wedding in his hometown. A wedding in the small, local church and reception outdoors. All seems perfect with Mary’s red bridal dress that suits her fair skin, the flower crown of the flower girls and groom’s sister, Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson), and outdoor reception.

Rachel McAdams as Mary in About Time
Be bold with a red bridal dress
Flower crown for that playful and innocent vibe
Lydia Wilson as Kit Kat wears flower crown for that playful and innocent vibe

About Time (2013) is not your typical love story. Tim, like all the men in their family, has a special power. Men in their family can travel back in time, in places and moment they can remember. They simply need to go to a dark place, like a closet, clench their fists, and think of the moment they want to go to. He would use this power to make his life, particularly moments with Mary, perfect. Click here for more reasons to watch this movie.

Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day
Don’t let bad weather stop your big day

And, their wedding is a perfection even with the wind and rain.

Not one guest will be lost
An easy way to help your guests find the party venue

These signs to the reception are awesome.

Signs to Your Wedding Reception
This one says “Half Way There”

If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding, make sure you have an alternative, like a large living room, in case something goes wrong.

Don't Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Special Day
Watch About Time to learn how to prevent bad weather from ruining your special day

Pity those cupcakes get drenched.

A wedding cake made of cupcakes
Consider a wedding cake made of cupcakes

This is a perfect flick for people in love and looking for wedding inspirations. The red wedding dress, Italian walking-down-the-aisle song, flower crown, signs to the post-ceremony party, and a wedding cake made of cupcakes. Tim and Mary’s wedding is a perfect one ruined by bad weather yet managed to stay impeccable. Watch About Time (2013) to know what to do when bad weather ruins your wedding.

Want to be as bold as Mary on your big day?


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