2 Broke Girls Season 4 Episode 22: Biggest Wedding Mistakes You Want to Avoid

2 Broke Girls is one of the few TV shows that can really make me laugh and I guess soon-to-be brides can learn a thing or two from the traditional Polish wedding of Oleg and Sophie. Nonetheless, I can’t blame them as they are supposed to make us laugh.

Vibrant bridesmaid dresses. Ugh. As much as possible, hear out your bridesmaids on what dress they would be comfortable in. You can force your style into them, but they will be the one wearing it.

I ran out of adjectives to describe this bridal gown.

Plan ahead. Think about every part of your wedding to avoid awkwards and holdups. Oleg could have prepared a stool on which Han could step on.

Maxx's Cupcake Turned Wedding Cake

But, I got to admit this cupcake wedding cake Max made for Oleg and Sophie’s wedding is enchanting. If you are looking for a wedding cake topper idea, check out the Search Party movie.


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