Search Party: Witty Wedding Cake Toppers

Search Party (2014) is a trying-hard-to-be-funny movie. Jason (TJ Miller) is horrible. But, there are a few things is something future soon-to-be married couples can get from it.

Church Wedding
Even the wedding venue is awful
Classic Wedding Cake
But the wedding cake is okay

Jason, Evan (Adam Pally), and Nardo (Thomas Middleditch) are housemates and childhood best friends. Nardo is getting married to Tracy (Shannon Woodward) and he decides to enumerate the pros and cons to his buddies. After that, Evan and Jason think tying the knot is a big mistake, although only Jason has the guts to stop the wedding, thinking he’s helping his friend.

Stop a wedding
Watch Search Party to learn how to stop your best friend’s wedding like a boss

Tracy is shocked and humiliated that she takes both tickets to Mexico to sunbathe and enjoy the honeymoon suite alone. Distraught, Nardo followed her but gets carjacked. Naked in the middle of Mexico, he calls Jason for help. The movie follows the adventures of Jason and Evan in their effort to search for Naked Nardo.

After so many complications, the two found Nardo, who won back Tracy. The two wed again with a new wedding cake.

wedding cake topper
Points for this wedding cake topper

Find a wedding cake expert. Want a standout cake topper? Think of your memorable moments with your future spouse.


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